Making An Impact

Young Life leaders are more than caring adults who serve as role models for kids. They are involved in kids' everyday lives. The following story that occurred recently shows our leaders' dedication to kids. John regularly attends basketball practice at the high school where he is a Young Life leader. At first, John did not know the young men on the basketball team, but after weeks of watching practice he began to get to know who they were and exchanged a few short conversations with some of the players. One day, one of the players approached John. "You come to watch us practice a lot don't you?" the young man asked John. "Yes, I do," John said. "That's cool," the young man said. "No one does that."

Carolinas Region At a Glance:
  • There are 121 paid full time staff, 57 paid part time staff, 2,216 volunteer leaders and 943 adults on committee.
  • This year, there are 21 first year, 20 second year and 14 third year Staff Associates.
  • Each week, 297 Young Life clubs meet with an average of 11,512 kids in attendance.
  • On average, 6,004 kids attend Campaigners weekly.
  • This past summer, 4,339 high school students attended Young Life camp and 662 middle school students attended WyldLife camp.

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